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Photo doesn’t show mine employee with zero body fat



A post on Instagram which claims to indicate a picture of a “mine employee with 0% Body Fat” is fake. 

The post, which on the time of writing has been liked greater than 82,000 times, encompasses a picture of a muscular, shirtless man wearing a security helmet and gloves in an industrial setting.  

Nevertheless, the person within the image is definitely a fitness model named Helmut Strebl and this picture was taken during certainly one of his photo shoots. 

Mr Strebl is thought for his extremely low level of body fat which, he claimed in a web based interview, is around 4% – not 0% because the Facebook post claims. 

Medical studies suggest the lower body fat limit for a healthy man is between 4% and 6%. 

In line with the Harvard School of Public Health, this “essential fat” is found “in most organs, muscles, and the central nervous system including the brain. It helps to control hormones like estrogen, insulin, cortisol, and leptin; control body temperature; and assist within the absorption of vitamins and minerals. 

“When an individual’s body fat dips below a certain level (about lower than 5% in men and lower than 10% in women), there is probably not enough essential fat to perform these functions.”

Men’s Health magazine warns: “Fat is an organ, and your body needs a certain quantity to operate. Without fat reserves, your immune system takes a battering, testosterone levels tank and your metabolism stutters. Dip below 5% and also you risk nervous system damage and brittle bones. At best.” 

Nuffield Health, a non-public healthcare provider, says levels below 36% for girls and 25% for men are “normal”, with lower levels for younger people.  

Image courtesy of Luis Reyes

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