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I’m incessantly asked if carbs are bad for you or make you gain weight. That may be a myth. Carbohydrate will not be “the enemy” within the food plan. What does matter is the form of carbohydrate you select.

Carbs within the human food plan are sugars, starches and fibers. Sugars are easy carbs, and starches and fiber are complex carbohydrates. Examples of complex carbs are beans and legumes, nuts fruits, whole-grain products and vegetables, while easy carbs include table sugar, fruit juices, bakery products made with white flour reminiscent of bread, cakes and cookies, frozen desserts, candy, sweetened beverages, salty snacks reminiscent of chips and pretzels, pasta, and white rice.

Your best decisions are complex carbs which contain quite a lot of vital nutrients reminiscent of vitamins, minerals and fiber, in addition to carbohydrate. As well as, it takes the body longer to digest complex carbs than easy, which may help stabilize blood sugar. Once you eat easy carbs, especially after they are a snack and never a part of a meal containing other foods, blood sugar tends to spike, then drop quickly and may leave you feeling drained. Because they take longer to digest, complex carbs are less likely create that type of fatigue.

Listed below are some real-world examples of how to incorporate more fiber in your meals:

For breakfast, have oatmeal or cold cereal made with whole grains. Check the ingredient label for the word “whole” in the primary or second ingredient listed. The fiber content within the nutrition label ought to be a minimum of 3 gm. As a substitute of drinking juice, which has little to no fiber, have fresh fruit reminiscent of banana or berries.

For lunch, have a sandwich on whole grain bread. As with cereals, check the ingredient label for the word “whole”. Simply because bread looks dark in color or is named “multigrain” doesn’t mean it’s whole grain. Add fresh veggies or have a side salad. Consider fruit for dessert.

For snacks, try whole grain pretzels or crackers (I especially like Triscuit or Wheat Thins) with cheese, cottage cheese or nut butter. Fresh fruit or fruit canned in fruit juice with cottage cheese is one among my favorites.

Dinners can include whole grain rice or pasta, fresh or cooked vegetables and fruits and whole grain bread or rolls. I often coat protein foods reminiscent of chicken or fish in whole wheat breadcrumbs before sautéing or baking. A great guideline is that your plate must have 2/3 vegetables, fruits, or whole grain and 1/3 protein foods.

I would like to be VERY clear that straightforward carbs will not be a foul thing. I’m suggesting that you simply move within the direction of less easy and more complex carbs.

Ellen Glovsky.

Ellen Glovsky is a Key Biscayne resident, published writer and Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach.  Her work focuses on helping people explore and enhance their relationship with food, using a “Health At Every Size” approach. She can also be involved within the island community together with her work on KBCF’s Women’s Giving Circle. To learn more, visit nutrition-coach.com

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