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YouTube Vlogger Attempts 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler’s Disciplined 3% Body Fat Diet: “4 or Five Kilos of Meat a Day”



Jay Cutler is the embodiment of discipline. Ever because the 4 x Mr. Olympia took up the game of bodybuilding, he has followed a stringent routine with none room for slacking off. A significant a part of his winning routine was his high-protein, low-fat weight-reduction plan. While the bodybuilding legend’s winning streak looks as if a lucrative aspect, following his weight-reduction plan is not any easy feat.

Renowned YouTube Vlogger, Aseel Soueid, is known for trying celebrity diets.  Recently, the vlogger attempted Cutler’s weight-reduction plan, shared his views, and gave practical tricks to follow the bodybuilder’s eating habits.  

Cutler followed a 3% body fat weight-reduction plan


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Soueid starts off the video with Cutler’s words – “Chicken breasts in my steak, eggs, rice, eating 4 or five kilos of meat a day, ate every two hours”. To follow a legend’s weight-reduction plan, who ate for function relatively than taste, Soueid suggested cooking the meat in bulk for a couple of days and refrigerating them abruptly to avoid wasting time.

Cutler’s weight-reduction plan was spread across six meals every two hours. The primary meal didn’t perplex the vlogger, which comprised two large eggs and a scoop of whey protein powder. It was followed by Meal 2 comprising 12 oz, boneless, skinless chicken breast and two cups of cooked brown rice. The vlogger highlighted carb intake as a component of the pre-workout weight-reduction plan.


After an intense chest and arms workout, he went on to Meal 3, which is a post-workout drink. A protein shake of three scoops of whey protein powder and 60 oz of red Gatorade to, “get as many quick sugars into his body together with the protein as fast as possible post-workout to fuel his muscles.”


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“Jay Cutler is a complete one other league”

The  5000-6000 calorie weight-reduction plan still had three more meals left for the day. Meal 4 included 14 oz cooked chicken breast and 12 ounces cooked sweet potato. Meal 5 is again brown rice and chicken breast. He finished the day with an 8 oz steak and two cups of broccoli. That said, Soueid highlighted that “this just isn’t the sort of weight-reduction plan you would like to follow. Obviously, Jay Cutler is a complete one other league.” 


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Weighing 270 kilos during his peak phase, known for his quadriceps and quad-stomp pose, Jay Cutler broke his six-time consecutive runner-up curse with a thundering win in 2006 dethroning Ronnie Coleman from winning his ninth title. This was all due to Cutler’s discipline and dedication. Tell us what you’re thinking that of Cutler’s weight-reduction plan within the comments below. 

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