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Henry Winkler jokes about Patrick Mahomes’ lack of body fat



Henry Winkler jokes about Patrick Mahomes’ lack of body fat

On the Critics’ Selection Awards, Henry Winkler made fun of his latest pal Patrick Mahomes’s lack of body fat and quipped that hugging the Kansas City quarterback was like hugging an armadillo, in keeping with Fox News.

Winkler shared that he became friends with the quarterback when he made commercials with him for Kansas City for the playoffs and when he was promoting Barry on a show in Los Angeles.

Winkler said, “I just made commercials for Kansas City for the playoffs, Patrick and me. And I [will] just say, I came upon for the primary time what no body fat meant. You hug him and your fingers don’t go anywhere. It’s such as you’re hugging an armadillo.”

He further added, “I’m not an actual sports person. I never went out for the football team. Shocking, I do know. After which, I used to be invited to go on the sector, that he gave me his jersey along with his name. His ability is such a cut above. He’s so passionate in the way in which he plays.”

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