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AIDP to exclusively distribute alfalfa protein called Luzixine



AIDP Inc. (City of Industry, CA) has entered into an exclusive agreement to distribute Alfalfa Protein-Luzixine, which was developed by the France-based firm L-RD. The concentrated extract of alfalfa is vegan, wealthy in omega-3, and boasts a high protein concentration of 54% in comparison with non-concentrated alfalfa with just 20%. The extract also comprises all of the essential amino acids and has a high digestibility of around 70 and 85%. Providing a standardized vitamin content, and high levels of bioavailable iron and folic acid, AIDP states that research has shown the ingredient could also be useful for the expansion of adolescents and youngsters.

“AIDP is worked up to be the exclusive supplier of the Luzixine for the Americas,” said Mark Thurston, president of AIDP, in a press release. “Luzixine may be utilized in a big selection of deliver formats including capsules, powders and beverages. It’s an incredible compliment to our other plant proteins and provides customers a novel product for combination protein products.”

The product can be highly sustainable, says AIDP, because alfalfa prevents soil erosion because of its root system, protecting biodiversity of the soil which may be 100 time more wealthy in microfauna and macrofauna than wheat.

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