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Arthritis warning: Refined carbohydrates could make ‘flare-ups more common’ – worst items



Arthritis flare-ups could be excruciating to cope with. There are methods to cut back the danger of this happening. Stopping activities in the event that they get painful is one technique to avoid a flare-up. Changing what food you eat may also be useful too.

Avera Health explains: “You may avoid those [foods] that make flare-ups more common and eat foods that can lessen the symptoms.”

Specifically, the health body recommends that you simply “in the reduction of” on “refined carbohydrates just like the ones you discover in breads and pastries”.

Refined grains are specifically present in white bread, white rice, biscuits and cakes, in line with the Arthritis Foundation.

The organisation said: “Eating refined grains might aggravate inflammation, potentially making your joints hurt more.

“Not only are these highly processed grains limited in nutrition but they can even worsen inflammation throughout the body.”

It explains that higher selections include whole wheat, whole oats, barley, brown rice, buckwheat, and rye.

Avera Health also suggests cutting back on alcohol and tobacco, excessive salt, vegetable oils, margarines, soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages.


There are many over-the-counter pain medications that can assist relieve occasional pain attributable to arthritis flare-ups.

The form of painkiller will rely on how bad your arthritis is.

Paracetamol is usually the primary port of call for arthritis but your doctor might also prescribe opioids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

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