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“She Had No Body Fat”: Michael Phelps Once Recalled Swimmer Sister’s Struggle With Health Led to Mother Sneaking Calories in Her Diet



Michael Phelps, aka the Flying Fish, earned 28 Olympic medals for his country, including 23 golds. The 37-year-old swimmer retired from the Olympics in 2016 and has been an energetic mental health advocate since then.


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Since Phelps has struggled with anxiety and depression issues, the 23-time Olympic gold medal champ once opened up a few mental health struggle his sister Whitney faced that also affected her physical health.


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Phelps’ sister’s health concerned him and his mother

In his book “Beneath The Surface,” Michael Phelps wrote about his sister Whitney’s weight reduction. Whitney consistently denied having any health problems each time asked about them. Phelps said, “She had no body fat“. He added, “Whitney didn’t train well in any respect,”.

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 15: Michael Phelps and sisters Hilary and Whitney attend Whitney Phelps’ ING NYC Marathon Training Session at Chelsea Piers Sports Center on October 15, 2012 in Latest York City. (Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic)

After her swimming lessons, Whitney incessantly felt exhausted and turned blue. Whitney had turn into expert at masking her weariness and wounds. She was consuming fewer calories than crucial, which was beginning to cause her problems.

Whitney’s eating regimen was closely monitored by Debbie Phelps. Michael confirmed that Debbie “would attempt to sneak calories into Whitney’s dinner” by slipping more butter into her potatoes and other dishes. Michael Phelps also noted Whitney took many toilet breaks after having her meals. 


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Debbie and Michael had suspicions that Whitney was purging, but she was adept at covering up all traces of her conduct. Whitney was still capable of advance to the 1996 Olympic Trials, despite every thing happening together with her health. She also became the 200-fly swimmer with the fastest time within the trials.

Michael Phelps as a mental health advocate

For so long as anyone can remember, Phelps has promoted mental well-being. He had attention difficulties as a toddler, followed by anxiety and depression in maturity. Phelps even attended rehab for his drunk driving incident.


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Michael Phelps overcame his issues with mental health. His current goal is to lift awareness of the worth of treatment worldwide. Phelps often takes over various social media platforms to strengthen the appearance of therapy and lessen the encircling stigma.

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