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“Don’t Think Coleman Knows Any Higher”: Ronnie Coleman’s 0.33% Body Fat Claim to Joe Rogan Was Rubbished by a Medical Skilled Once



Bodybuilding is a competitive sport. Every yr, a whole bunch of execs compete with one another to clinch the celebrated title of “Mr. Olympia.” While many achieve impressing the panel, only just a few earn a reputation like Ronnie! Winning the title eight consecutive times, Ronnie Coleman is the King of the game. With an exceptional physique and body structure, even his competitors were left in awe when he walked the stage.


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All the time fascinated with having big muscles, Ronnie is happy with his gigantic structure. A troublesome sport, Ronnie once claimed to be “0.33 percent body fat”, something that is really exceptional. But is that medically possible? Physician Brian Sutterer opens up!


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Ronnie’s claim dismissed

Bodybuilders are known to have low body fat. It’s something integral to their sport. Speaking on the identical, during an episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, Ronnie revealed that in his skilled days, he only had 0.33% body fat. But Physician Brian Sutterer was quick enough to brush aside such a possibility.

In a conversation about scientific reasons, Brian explained how Ronnie’s claim holds no ground. Speaking further, he adds, “It’s inconceivable to have zero percent body fat.” Stating scientific reasons, the physician says one must have two to 5 percent of essential fat.


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Stating why Ronnie claims so, he explains that the machines that measure body fat are usually not at all times that accurate. He also dismissed any claims of Ronnie being dishonest by saying, “I don’t think Coleman knows any higher.” Thus, for the outcomes, he blamed the machine. He said, “it needs to be the results of the machine giving a false measurement.” 


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Ronnie Coleman: The King

Working within the Police Department, Ronnie Coleman had no plans to affix bodybuilding professionally. Nevertheless, as luck would have it, his passion for having greater muscles earned him a free gym membership, which in turn paved the best way for his skilled entry.


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He does not only hold the record for 8 Mr. Olympia wins, but in addition the record for many wins as an IFBB skilled bodybuilder. Despite facing multiple health adversaries, nothing could back Ronnie from achieving his goals and breaking records. A bodybuilding fanatic, the legacy that he has left behind is really exemplary!

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