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Arnold Schwarzenegger Was on All-Time Lowest Body Fat Percentage for Warrior’s Role in a 1982 Film: “Too Ripped to Be a Barbarian”



Arnold Schwarzenegger and his dominance within the bodybuilding world usually are not a secret. Winning Mr. Olympia seven times, the muscle man showcased his labor and dedication on the best level. Further pursuing his interest in acting, Schwarzenegger switched careers within the Nineteen Seventies. Despite it being a latest space, Arnold shot to fame almost immediately.


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In its righteous sense, his entry into Hollywood turned out to be a boon for the industry. The actor produced several blockbuster movies that fans still can’t let go of. Each on-screen and off-screen, his tales proceed to amuse fans thoroughly. Notably, the bodybuilder once uncovered a surprising fact from his superhit film Conan the Barbarian. 


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Arnold Schwarzenegger needed to do away with his bodybuilder look

The Austrian Oak is a household name within the nation. Ranging from bodybuilding, to acting, to his stint within the political world, Schwarzenegger has done all of it. His perfection, accuracy, and dedication to his role and responsibilities are noteworthy. 

LOS ANGELES – JUNE 13: Body builder, actor and future Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger poses for a portrait session on June 13, 1985 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty Images)

Dating back to six years ago, certainly one of his Reddit fans shared a bit of shocking information from his acting profession. 

In accordance with the post, the bodybuilder needed to lose some muscle for his role in Conan the Barbarian. The person himself waved hi to the conversation and revealed the true story within the comments section. 

It’s true that he thought I looked too very like a bodybuilder – I needed to lose a few of the cuts because I had just won Mr. Olympia and I used to be way too ripped to be a barbarian,” the bodybuilding champ wrote. “So he told me to eat normally and never food plan in any respect – I let my body fat get to around 12%.

Moreover, he clarified that he had no issues with swinging swords. Due to this fact, that just isn’t why he needed to lower his body fat percentage. 

A funny incident from the set


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Going further into the story, Arnold revealed one other incident that happened on set. Director and producer, John Milius, was also involved on this tale. This was the primary day of the shoot and Arnold got himself injured by a dog. 

I got attacked by a dog on the very first day of shooting – he pulled me down from the rocks right into a thorn bush and I needed to be stitched up on the set. Milius walked as much as me and said ‘this sets the tone’ – he meant this in a positive way,” he added. 


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Conan the Barbarian is certainly one of Schwarzenegger’s best movies aside from The Terminator series. It gained worldwide popularity and still resides within the hearts of fans. 

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