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Keep Your Meal Prep on Track with ETC Meal Bundles



Back to high school schedules are busy, especially now that extracurricular and sports are back in full swing. That is when we wish EASY dinner meals with all of the ingredients available and short preparation time. ETC’s meal bundles are easy to order online, complete with every part within the package except just a few kitchen staples like butter, salt, pepper. ETC meal bundles are all fresh ingredients and make it easier to overcome the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” query.

ETC customers use our easy online ordering at ETCproduce.com to receive next day farm fresh delivery of regional fresh local produce, pastured meats, heritage eggs, meal bundles and ready foods.

Searching for a late Summer Dish incorporating the harvest of the last of summer produce and early fall squashes? Look no further. Toncia Chavez, co-founder of ETC Produce & Provisions, shares a delicious recipe.

Grilled Delicata Squash with Local Chicken Italian Sausage Crispy Potatoes, Local Greens & Italian Parmesan
Preheat your gill so its nice and hot or if it’s a rainy night because it has been these days, you need to use your oven set at 425 degrees
1. Cut Delicata Squash stem to stem, scooping out the seeds. LEAVE SKIN ON!
2. Cut into half moons about ½ thick.
3. Place on Sheet pan with High Temp Oil & Grill Seasoning Garlic Goodness is my Favorite
4. Poke Idaho potatoes and microwave them for 5-7 minutes until fork tender.
5. Cut potatoes long ways and place on sheet pan with Delicate squash.
6. Roll potatoes in oil and Garlic Goodness
7. Grill Chicken Sausages
8. Cook Delicate Squash until tender 7-8 Minutes
9. Place potatoes on grill until crispy 5-7minutes
10. Sprinkle Parmesan on potatoes after they’re grilled and crispy.
11. Dress Local Greens in Carfangnas Family Italian Dressing
12. Plate Potato, Delicate, dresses Greens after which sausage for an attractive & easy late summer early fall Dinner.

Cant find Delicata?? You need to use Acorn or another squash which you could eat the skin.

Don’t like Parmesan Cheese? Goat cheese is an excellent alternative on this recipe.

Dairy Free? Skip the actual parm and use a Parm Alternative or Dietary Yeast.


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