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“Enough to Pop-up Your Biceps”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Once Cooked a Monster Sandwich Even Michael Phelps Wouldn’t Have Been In a position to Finish during His 10K Calorie Routine



Very similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger, swimming GOAT Michael Phelps needed to eat an insane variety of calories to remain fit. Being in sports shouldn’t be a baby’s play. It’s just not the regular rehearsal but in addition the regimented eating regimen that one must follow.  What might look ‘monstrous’ to bizarre people is, the truth is, their regular food plan.


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Each Phelps and Arnold have a special corner of their hearts for sandwiches. If Arnie’s “Monster Sandwich” is vital, then Phelps’ ham and cheese sandwiches are not any less. Making the most effective use of his tank, Arnie cooked his favorite with the “Epic Meal Time” team. As massive as Arnold himself, the important thing query that may pop up-can Phelps eat it?


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Arnold turns chef 

After having perfected multiple roles, it was now Arnold’s time to wear the chef hat to cook his favorite ‘Monster Steak & Egger Sandwich.’ With the inconceivable amount of meat, eggs, and cheese, the sandwich’s size could also be terrifying. 

LOS ANGELES – JUNE 13: Bodybuilder, actor, and future Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger pose for a portrait session on June 13, 1985, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty Images)

But for Arnold, it was the fitting size with the fitting calories that, based on him, was “Enough to pop up your biceps.” Calling his favorite sandwich “Yummy,” Arnie seemed focused on cooking. 


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Weighing the sandwich after cooking, the size pointed at 18,538 calories. The calorie number is so high that even for Phelps, eating it up might need been a challenge back within the day! It’s a known undeniable fact that Phelps used to eat 10,000 calories on daily basis, but for that, he used to spend hours figuring out and practicing within the pool. Nonetheless, even for him ending Arnold’s monster sandwich would almost be ‘Mission Not possible.’

Calories to remain fit


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Divided by sports, united by the need to deliver the most effective. Phelps and Arnold may come from different backgrounds, but there’s one thing that’s common, and that’s their “insane calorie” intake. Like Arnold, Phelps also used to eat a number of calories to maintain up his health and body.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – JUNE 24: Michael Phelps speaks through the 2022 U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee Hall Of Fame Ceremony on June 24, 2022, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Photo by Ethan Mito/Getty Images for USOPC)

Eating such insane amounts of calories commonly for several years was never easy, but still, Phelps did it with no struggle. Nonetheless, having passed his “10000 calories” phase, “The Flying Fish” now takes it easy on his stomach.


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In sports, one needs to steer a disciplined life; the identical was true for Arnold and Phelps. They might have retired from their respective sports and are not any longer required to maintain up with the calorie count, yet they’re never negligent of their health. The 2 hits the gym commonly.

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