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This Yoga Asana Will Help You Reduce Body Fat



Practising yoga frequently keeps your body healthy and helps boost your immunity. Deposition of fat in several areas of your body could be a sign that you simply lead an unhealthy life. Subsequently, to maintain body fat in check and to remain agile it is vital to practice yoga frequently. Performing a yoga asana, named Katichakra or Katichakrasana, is considered one of the effective ways to scale back body fat.

Recently, yoga instructor Savita Yadav demonstrated some yoga poses, together with the Katichakra, on a Facebook live session for News18 Hindi, to assist people give attention to their overall physical well-being.

At all times begin yoga with meditation. Consider the chanting of ‘Om’ and breathe out and in in proper rhythm. The following step is to warm up before performing the asanas. Watch the detailed video within the link below:

To perform Katichakra, stand in your yoga mat first. Now, keep a 1.5-foot gap between your feet and extend your arms forward, keeping them parallel to your shoulders. Then bend forward and keep your head straight. Slowly rotate each your hands from the left and bend backwards to finish one cycle.

While performing this asana, you may place one hand behind your thigh to take support. Repeat the cycle ten times in the identical way. After completing 10 cycles, stand on the mat and take some rest. Take deep breaths while resting. Now, bend each your hands while stretching forward after which rotate to the opposite side, i.e. as a substitute of left, bend backwards from the suitable side. Perform this cycle 10 times again to finish the Katichakra asana. Don’t forget to take some rest before moving on to every other asanas.

Watch the aforementioned video to thoroughly understand easy methods to practice the Katichakra asana. Make sure that you practice this asana frequently to see higher results over time. It helps keep obesity and diseases at bay.

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