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Mediterranean weight-reduction plan can assist young men beat depression, study says



SYDNEY, Australia — Sticking to the Mediterranean weight-reduction plan can assist young men overcome depression, in keeping with a latest study. Researchers from the University of Technology Sydney say doctors should look to send kids coping with depressive symptoms to a nutritionist or dietitian as a part of their treatment program.

The clinical trial is the primary to evaluate the impact of a Mediterranean weight-reduction plan — which consists of fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, and grains — on young men’s mental health. For the study involving 72 men between 18 and 25, one group switched to the nutritious weight-reduction plan for 12 weeks while one other group took part in befriending therapy.

Researchers assessed their mental health at first of the trial and again after six and 12 weeks. The boys on the Mediterranean weight-reduction plan had a “significantly” higher quality of life rating than the group participating in befriending sessions.

Mental health may start within the gut

Their BDI-II rating, which is a typical measure of depressive symptoms, also got higher more quickly. The researchers say the weight-reduction plan may help people suffering with poor mental health by helping their gut release serotonin.

The chemical is created by gut microbes, but they should devour fiber to work well. Luckily, fruit and vegetables contain high amounts of fiber.

“These results highlight the necessary role of nutrition for the treatment of depression and will inform advice given by clinicians to this specific demographic population,” researchers write in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

“The first focus was on increasing weight-reduction plan quality with fresh wholefoods while reducing the intake of ‘fast’ foods, sugar and processed beef,” says lead researcher Jessica Bayes from the University of Technology Sydney in a university release.

“There are numerous explanation why scientifically we predict food affects mood. For instance, around 90 per cent of serotonin, a chemical that helps us feel glad, is made in our gut by our gut microbes. There’s emerging evidence that these microbes can communicate to the brain via the vagus nerve, in what known as the gut-brain axis,” Bayes continues.

“To have helpful microbes, we want to feed them fiber, which is present in legumes, fruit and veggies.”

Sticking with the plan

Around a 3rd of depressed men fail to reply to straightforward treatments and researchers hope they’ll help individuals who may not respond well to existing treatments. The participants on this study were willing to tackle the weight-reduction plan and desired to carry on with it once this system had ended.

“We were surprised by how willing the young men were to tackle a latest weight-reduction plan,” Bayes adds. “Those assigned to the Mediterranean weight-reduction plan were capable of significantly change their original diets, under the guidance of a nutritionist, over a brief timeframe.”

“It suggests that medical doctors and psychologists should consider referring depressed young men to a nutritionist or dietitian as a vital component of treating clinical depression.”

“Nearly all our participants stayed with this system, and lots of were keen to proceed the weight-reduction plan once the study ended, which shows how effective, tolerable and worthwhile they found the intervention,” the researcher concludes.

South West News Service author Gwyn Wright contributed to this report.

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